Forex trading vocabulary

forex trading vocabulary

each of the major currencies as well as the abbreviations by which they are sometimes known. Macd, RSI are examples. Money Flow Index An indicator that analyzes the conviction in a trend through the price and volume of the security. Price"tions -"s of one currency price against another currency. Big Figure - dealers slang to indicate currency pair movement by 100 points. Liquid Currency - currency which can be bought or sold without restrictions at the world financial market. Deposit - amount of money transferred to the traders account to cover further operations. Technical Analysis - is a method of forecasting future price direction with the help of price charts examination.

Thin Market - market with low liquidity. Appreciation - rise in value of one currency against another which has a floating rate.

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forex trading vocabulary

Factory Orders - production orders (orders for durable and non-durable goods). Gap - is a break on the price chart of technical analysis which is caused by the difference in opening price of a new day and the closing price the day before. Todays Low - lowest price of a transaction today. Bid/Ask Spread, the distance, usually in pips, between the Bid and Ask price. Net Factory Orders - macro-economic indicator which shows the increase in a number of industrial orders. Calculated by subtracting 26 EMA from 12 EMA. Dealing - non-cash currency trading. In other words, in the example above, you will receive.32105.S. Often, previously broken support lines become resistance and resistance lines become support. You need to have in mind that every broker will has its own Bid to Ask Spread and the spread will varies between brokers. Channel - area on the trading tool chart within limits of which price movements take place.

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