Fatwa about online forex trading

fatwa about online forex trading

of debate lies in margin trading (almost every transaction in Forex is based on margin) and hedging (it is compared to futures trading usually). Anyone can open an Islamic account, and the sole reason they are referred to as Islamic, is because they were established to meet the needs of the Islamic Forex trading community. "Forex, or Foreign Exchange, is the simultaneous exchange of one countrys currency for that of another. Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a Forex Islamic account, also known as Shariah Forex accounts, is it important to emphasize that in order to open such an account, you do not need to be Muslim.

Forex is basically trading over the internet without physical possession and delivery of currency. Fatwa, all perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. They told me that they do provide accounts for Muslims. My matrix forex services pvt ltd delhi question is as follow with a little introduction on Forex. You may refer to this link for information on how the Trading takes place. As a result, the Forex trading arena is always developing and changing.

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