Is canslim still a viable trading strategy today

is canslim still a viable trading strategy today

day data. This evaluation is not a recommendation of the strategy. M Market Direction: We are not in a bull market as of the writing of this article (March 2011). Approximate CAN slim entries are marked by the horizontal lines, while the alternate method entry points are the tops (breakouts) of the small boxes. Former resistance levels are broken, bulls start buying, and the stock receives high-profile coverage on many stock market analysis and research sites that list 52 week, or new record highs. How profitable is it and who invented this unique stock trading system? C Current Quarterly Earnings, how much profit did the company make this reporting quarter?

On one occasion two entry points are marked, with the lower one being a consolidation breakout near the former high, and the higher entry point a break to new highs. Not all CAN slim stocks are worth trading. If you see this pattern then its a green light.

Is the growth above 20 there too? If these institutions are high-profile and well-known, this could give more assurance to investors that smart money or informed investors are invested. As long as the stock is performing very well and continues to meet the criteria of the strategy, it can be held.

This blog doesnt afford me the luxury of going into much detail, but I thought Id try to highlight a few significant personal enhancements that have impacted my own trading performance in positive ways. Because a systematic, repeatable approach is a measurable approach. Canslim is an acronym used to highlight the characteristics of growth stocks studied by William. For your investing: Make it a process Make it systematic Make it repeatable Review/Evaluate Improve! The RSI ranges from zero to 100. Does this all sound pretty complex? In the fourteen years spanning, CAN slim outperformed the nasdaq 100 by more than 10 percentage points (14.21.82). If the price starts to fall, the trade will be closed. Written by: Jiva Kalan: A researcher and writer whose work is featured on DailyFinance, the Wall Street Survivor and Financial Choice.

Canslim, a Growth Stock Investing, strategy canslim is an acronym used to highlight the characteristics of growth stocks studied by William.
ONeil, the founder of Investors Business Daily (IBD).
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