Currency php to gbp

currency php to gbp

Find a currency, enter an ISO 4217 code to find the corresponding currency article. No currency YER 886 2 Yemeni rial Yemen ZAR 710 2 South African rand South Africa ZMW 967 2 Zambian kwacha Zambia USD/USS/USN, three currency codes belonging to the US edit The US dollar has two codes assigned: USD and USN (next day). Usually, as with the USD, the minor currency unit has a value that is 1/100 of the major unit, but in some cases (including most varieties of the dinar) 1/1000 is used, and sometimes ratios apply which are not integer powers. Seit dem Kurs von 1,06 Euro für ein britisches Pfund vom legte das Pfund kontinuierlich an Wert. Day : Select a day, month : Select a month01 - January02 - February03 - March04 - April05 - May06 - June07 - July08 - August09 - September10 - October11 - November12 - December.

Archived from the original on 5 September 2006. There are also codes specifying certain monetary instruments used in international finance,.g. Cryptocurrencies edit Recently, cryptocurrencies have unofficially used ISO codes on various cryptocurrency exchanges, for boston foreclosures instance LTC for Litecoin, NMC for Namecoin and XRP for Ripple. These currencies include: See Category:Fixed exchange rate for a list of all currently pegged currencies. From GBP to EUR, gBP, eUR 1 GBP.12 EUR 5 GBP.62 EUR 10 GBP.23 EUR 50 GBP.17 EUR 100 GBP 112.33 EUR 250 GBP 280.84 EUR 500 GBP 561.67 EUR 1,000 GBP 1,123.35 EUR 5,000 GBP 5,616.75 EUR 10,000 GBP 11,233.49. The predecessor to the euro, the European Currency Unit (ECU had the code XEU. "Amendment of ISO 4217" (PDF). List of codes for historic denominations of currencies funds 3, the tables, history and ongoing discussion are maintained. Because of this rule ISO 4217 can use X codes without risk of clashing with a future country code. Country: Eurozone, region: Europe, sub-Unit: 1 Euro 100 cents, symbol: The Eurozone consists of 19 countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus and Malta. The use of an initial letter "X" for these purposes is facilitated by the ISO 3166 rule that no official country code beginning with X will ever be assigned.