Everything to know about cryptocurrency trading

everything to know about cryptocurrency trading

offers (and the potential for vastly greater returns) margin trading is a popular choice for many cryptocurrency investors. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Cryptocurrencies were a tough pill to digest even before the governments got involved. When assets in a margin account are sold, proceeds go to the broker or exchange until the loan is fully satisfied.

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By combining trading savvy with high-end support technology, youll be equipped to begin margin trading with confidence. One example: foreign exchange market size and liquidity A trader might open a long position and buy one Bitcoin on margin for 7,000 with 10:1 leverage. Look for exchanges, and compare asks and bids. BUY positions carry no overnight fees; sell positions will carry a 25 annual overnight fee, charged from updated once every two weeks. Other benefits of margin trading include: Allowing a trader to profit from price declines via short selling. Margin traders must be careful to pay attention to their maintenance margin the minimum account balance that must be maintained.

everything to know about cryptocurrency trading

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