Secret ffx overdrive to ap weapon drop

secret ffx overdrive to ap weapon drop

and go to the broken bridge on the eastern plateau. Dual Claw; Any 2 of: Firestrike, Thunderstrike, Waterstrike, or Icestrike. Soft Armguard; Stoneproof or Stone Ward. Requires: Electro Marble x4 Ability: Waterstrike Effect: Adds the water element to an attack. Reflect Shield; Auto Reflect or SOS Reflect. Onyx Ring; Magic Defense 10 or Magic Defense. Do this until he accepts your offer. Saviour Ring; Auto Potion Auto Med Auto Phoenix.

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I'm playing Final Fantasy X in Japanese, do you still have the Japanese-language version of this FAQ? Warrior's Targe; HP 20 or HP. From here, go north and use the Celestial Mirror on the rock wall to get. Soft Targe; Stoneproof or Stone Ward. Mirage Sword; Magic Booster. Sorcery Bangle; MP 20 or MP. Well, it's payback time. Spiritual Bracer; MP Stroll. 22, 28-30, 40, 49-54: A standard "spiked knuckle" with four silver spines that go over Rikku's actual knuckles, and a tan leather sleeve that covers up to her elbow.