Alco forex cebu

alco forex cebu

but I thought the ice usd exchange rate aud history female said Alco so when I called Alco (in Raintree Mall they said its Alcor and theyre not the same. Drop-By Foreign Exchange located in Fuente Osmena inside the entrance beside Shakeys. Alco Money Exchanger located near the Forever Living Office in Raintree Mall in Ramos. I had no choice but to purchase whats worth of what I brought because I dont want to bring my money outside worrying that some goon might rob me (simbako!).

I finally got to purchase some SGD this afternoon so my search had ended and these are what I can say to the following people who work at the following money exchangers. Hey, I had to raise my voice too. When I called them up, I found out their selling rate for the SGD (Singaporean Dollar) was.90 pesos.

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I told her that she told me it was.90. This was how the conversation went (in bisaya but Ill translate it in english). Agpc Money Exchanger there are two branches of these in Ayala Center Cebu. When I got to the money changer, I was surprised when the girl gave me a different amount. Assh*le old hag bitch: kept quiet. Email business document* Browse Files. The other girl who was actually tending to me was better because she just kept mum and didnt act upset or anything. This is money were talking about, theres no room for mistakes.

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