Forex data feed for amibroker

forex data feed for amibroker

with your service. Didnt miss anything and beat my other provider. 1) Realtime data, forex traders usually require a realtime datasource and with AB you have a variety of choices. Exchange Fees About Exchange Fees? They are always there for you, and they are quick. Premium Services Pricing 50/mo 12/mo 25/mo 69/mo 110/mo 60/mo 20/mo 8/mo 25/mo 50/mo 35/mo 50/mo 65/mo 20/mo 29/mo 35/mo 25/mo. The number of decimal places can be defined in Preferences dialog in: Tools - Preferences - Miscellaneous The changes will also affect such tools as Fibonacci Extension or Retracement drawing tools. It's working perfectly with no lag, even during fast market conditions." - Comment from Andy via Email "Everything is working amazing now. It is incredibly stable.

First of all, its necessary to enter the symbol-specific information into Symbol - Information page (individually for each ticker). IQFeed is WAY more economical, and for my charting needs is just as good, if not better." - Comment from Public Forum Post "If you are serious about your trading I would not rely on IB data for serious daytrading. Holy ere has been so much I've been missing lately, and with this feed and Linnsoft software.

2) Currencies denominated in a different currency from USD (assuming that your account is in USD) AmiBroker allows you to define a base currency and exchange rates (fixed or dynamic) for different currencies, and as a result to get correct backtest results when testing securities. Via Email "I just wanted to tell you what a fine job you have been doing. Margin Deposit in most cases should be set to 1000 (1 margin from 100000) 1) Currencies denominated in USD Lets analyse the results generated by a simple formula (a crossover of 12- and 24-day Moving Averages of Closing price, trading 3 contracts at a time). Via Email "I use IQ Feed, Great stuff as far as data analysis information, storage and retrieval is concerned." - Comment from Public Forum "I cannot believe what a difference it makes trading with ProphetX!" - Comment from Bruce in Los Angeles "I like you. Backtesting note: Unless otherwise noted, all examples below assume you trade full size contracts. I love the product, but more so I am thrilled with Tech Support. Step 1, the first thing you need to do (if you haven't already done so) is install the "Premium Forex" updating program and a Forex data history.

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