Figuring out net profit from trading cryptocurrency strategy

figuring out net profit from trading cryptocurrency strategy

Bitcoin or Ethereum to acquire an altcoin. Hello there, it might be weird, and seriously embarassing but I'm having trouble trying to calculate the most exact profit/loss with crypto to crypto trades in terms of fiat in my excel sheet. In other words, you would end up with a net profit of 500 USD if you sold off all your. Do you have control over your schedule?

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Bitcoin, then youd end up with.10 BTC for that amount. Now, let's say I trade 50 X-coins for Y-coins, I would have 100 worth of Y-coins at this point, but how would I subtract the "cost of X-coin" element from the previous forumula in this case? How much is the variance month-to-month? Now, since I do not trust my ability to expound myself in the least, let met give you copy and paste online job at home an example: Let's say I've bought 100 worth of X-coin at 1 each for convenience's sake. The cost here in terms of opportunity is that you will lose the potential gains of holding on to your coins if they soared in value relative to your other investments. They are alternatively-purchased coins, hence their name. This is due to the complex nature of cryptocurrencies requiring a high degree of technical skill to get the job done. As an example, if the market price of Bitcoin is 10,000 and you are looking to buy 1k worth.

Bitcoin and cashed out. So, youd be better off keeping your investments in these currencies than buying new altcoins. Sorry if it's TMI, please feel free to be vague where necessary of course.

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